We have the honor and privilege to work with many individuals who have used nutritional products from several wonderful nutritional companies.

These individuals are highly successful health professionals in a variety of areas of expertise. They know that the techniques and products they recommend to bring healing to their patients have to be of high quality as optimal results depend upon it. Poor quality nutrition leads to poor quality results. The body only functions at the frequency or energy level of the food, nutrition, creams, lotions, essential oils that are put in and/or on the body.

It is with the help of this experienced team of health professionals along with a bio-chemist and his top notch lab techs that we are able to formulate professional grade nutritional products and make it available to the public. We have utilized the information and education gleaned from over 200 collective years of experience with health professionals--each in their own area of expertise; medical doctors, chiropractors, naturapaths, osteopaths, acupuncturists, and nurses.


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