VerVita is so much more than an online store. It is a dream coming to reality. It is a legacy being passed down from generation to generation. Here begins the story of VerVita—the name…

Ver is short for Versendaal. The couple’s name was Dirk and Magdalena Versendaal. They were raised in Strijen, Netherlands and Dirk’s father owned a grocery store. Newly married, they also first owned and ran a grocery store. In 1920 Dirk and Lena “came over on the boat” and opened a shoe store in Holland, MI. They came with a solid faith along with unwavering morals and values, which they strived to live out every day of their life. Right or wrong, there were no gray areas. Life was about family, hard-work, honesty, integrity, and faith in God.

These values were diligently passed on to their seven children. Dirk and Magdalena’s youngest son was Dick Versendaal. He became a chiropractor in 1959.  dick-versendaal-00044

Over a 50 year period of time Dr. Versendaal developed a method of analysis that reveals imbalances in the subtle energies of the body.  This technique is called Contact Reflex Analysis®. Imbalances of the energies of the body can cause one to become unhealthy. At his CRA® seminars Dick often spoke to the health professionals about his father and mother.  Dr. Versendaal was inspired and taught by his father about wellness and nutrition—herbs and oils—along with the importance of feet that were well-supported.

Dr. Versendaal carried the torch of his faith and beliefs in a way similar to his parents—helping those who are in need, day or night—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He unselfishly shared his knowledge and his heart to those who asked. As long as there were people in the world—those by all attempts who were unable to be healed, Dr. Dick Versendaal continued to search and research to find an answer.

These values…these beliefs…these desires are part of VerVita, a company started by Dr. Versendaal’s children, Dawn and Bryan. Once again the legacy was passed on. Ver is for Versendaal and Vita means life. VerVita’s dream is to bring hope and life to a community who desires wellness and achievement of their greatest dreams. Live life to its fullest and love well.


The story of God’s goodness and faithfulness continues, even though there were two unexpected major events.  Within 18 months the earthly lives of Dr. Dick Versendaal and Bryan had ended.  Dr. Versendaal passed away on February 27, 2014 after a tragic car accident.  In spite of this grief Dawn and Bryan continued to work together to carry on their dad’s legacy of love and service. Then on November 14, 2015, Bryan unexpectedly passed away.


Heartbreak and tragedy is a part of VerVita’s story. It is the part that connects with the stories of those who also have experienced the raw pain of loss, whether it be the loss of a loved one, health, home, job and/or relationship. Yet, it is not the full story.  The VerVita story continues with a strong faith that has been challenged but not destroyed. It continues as Dawn carries on with the  legacy of her family by reaching out to love, to serve and to offer hope.  It is a hope, an expectant faith, that there is more to the story as it includes love, restoration, healing and wholeness.