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When pain
your life,
you need hope.



Oil Kit

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

The health and nutrition market can be overwhelming. VerVita makes it simple.

With just 10 nutritional supplements and 6 essential oil formulas that are scientifically designed to support your body, VerVita supports your whole body, not a single part. When entire systems of your body are nourished and brought back into balance and function, your body can heal and your life can be restored. 

Stop treating single issues and take control of your health.

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Our Products

Nutritional Supplements

Beginning with high-quality raw ingredients, our supplements are designed to support the body as a whole.

Essential Oils

These fragrant oils — liquids distilled from the plant’s berries, seeds, bark, stem, roots, leaves, and flowers — have a specific scent and carry the essence of each unique plant.

Skin Care

Natural and clean skin care products designed to nourish your skin and balance your hormones.