Personal Wellness
Designed by Nature Herself

It is VerVita’s mission to serve in a manner that offers hope and healing to those who desire wellness, vitality and a renewed passion to live out their heart’s greatest dreams.

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These fragrant oils—liquids distilled from the plant’s berries, seeds, bark, stem, roots, leaves, and flowers—have a specific scent and carry the essence of each unique plant.

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With the help of an experienced team of health professionals, a bio-chemist, and his top notch lab techs, we are able to formulate professional grade nutritional products and make it available to the public.

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Our skin and hair is an outward expression of our inner health and well-being, and external and internal environments can affect us. Our health and beauty products are natural and healthy for your skin and hair.

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VerVita is so much more than an online store. It is a dream coming to reality. It is a legacy being passed down from generation to generation. Here begins the story of VerVita—the name.

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One of my dogs hurt his leg. His paw was swollen, and he was crying. After two days his paw was still swollen and his ankle joint sore. I decided to try VerVita protocols. I didn’t have Sore to Sore on hand, but I did have Present Moment oil along with Matrix Synergy and InspiraCell. I rubbed the Present Moment oil on his ankle joint above his paw and then gave him 1 Matrix Synergy and 1 InspiraCell. Within 3 hours, not only had the swelling reduced dramatically, he was outside wrestling with his four-legged family.
~ Lynette from Arkansas