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Support your body as a whole - Structurally, Nutritionally and Emotionally with VerVita's holistically designed products. No GMOs. No Magnesium Stearate. No Dicalcium Phosphate. No Artificial Colors. No Gluten. No Soy. No Dairy. No Shellfish. No Tree Nuts.

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These fragrant oils—liquids distilled from the plant’s berries, seeds, bark, stem, roots, leaves, and flowers—have a specific scent and carry the essence of each unique plant.

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With the help of an experienced team of health professionals, a bio-chemist, and his top notch lab techs, we are able to formulate professional grade nutritional products and make it available to the public.

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Our skin and hair is an outward expression of our inner health and well-being, and external and internal environments can affect us. Our health and beauty products are natural and healthy for your skin and hair.

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VerVita is so much more than an online store. It is a dream coming to reality. It is a legacy being passed down from generation to generation. Here begins the story of VerVita—the name.

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My husband has had a rash on both his legs for the past 10 years. It flares up even more in the winter.  We have tried many products – with no success.  Itching, open skin and soreness was a constant problem. He has been applying Rejuvallure Skin cream on the sore areas everyday now for 6 weeks with very good results.  The sores have dried up and his comfort level has improved.  For myself, I have very sensitive dry skin on my face.  Rejuvallure is one of the few products I have been happy with.  It feels like magic!  Soothing, moisturizing and just sinks right into my skin.  I love it!   Thanks for creating this great product.